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How to Reset Your Body to Burn Fat


Successful weight loss requires something that creates the right environment for your body to use it’s stored energy - body fat. Once you are burning body fat for energy, you will lose weight, have more energy and feel less hungry – it’s a game changer!

How to Reset Your Body to Burn Fat

Our bodies are naturally fat burning machines, but because of clever marketing and an abundance of ‘food like products’, we have become dependent on sugar and carbohydrates in food to supply us with energy.

Every time we have that mid-morning snack we create a blood sugar spike, which causes the hormone insulin to be released. Excess insulin not only causes us to put on fat, but it actually stops us from burning the fat we already have. Long term this can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Eating ‘little and often’ or ‘grazing’ has become the social norm with the myth that it keeps the metabolism firing. Unfortunately, we are encouraged to snack in between meals by companies who create ‘food like products’ which are cheap, nutrient sparse, and highly processed.

Intermittent Fasting retrains your body to become fat adapted. This means you burn stored body fat for energy, rather than being dependent on sugars from food. This is the fundamental principle behind The 2 Meal Day Intermittent Fasting Plan and why so many people have had success with both weight loss, muscle gain, stabilisation of energy levels and resetting hunger hormones.

Digestion takes up a lot of energy and contributes to energy slumps throughout the day. Fasting will help stabilise blood sugar levels and force your body to draw on its own fat reserves for energy, rather than being dependent on a constant stream of food.

It can take time for your body to get used to this way of eating, and it may be difficult for some of you. There is a transition period where your body goes from being a sugar burner, to a fat burner. This period is different for everyone but can take anywhere between 2-7 days.

Once you are burning fat for energy you will quickly reap the benefits of stable energy levels, feeling “real hunger” (every 12-24 hours), dropping body fat, and not being a slave to hunger.

This is empowering because you become completely self-sufficient. Not only will you lose weight, you will be FULL of energy all day long, no longer reaching for caffeine or nicotine or sugar to get you through the day.

Most surprisingly you will feel less hungry. Fasting teaches you to tune into your body. You will start to understand what “Real” hunger feels like, something that occurs every 16-24 hours not every four hours.

Being in a fasted state promotes incredible changes in the body. Taking us back to the way human beings ate for thousands of years when food wasn’t constantly available.

We have become dependent on sugar for energy. The mid-morning and afternoon slumps in energy levels have become the social norm, but I can assure you this is completely unnatural.

In the West, we have this phobia of having an empty stomach, but amazing things happen in the body when it is.

All you are doing is pushing your first meal later into the day and then enjoying two filling meals in the afternoon. Once you start to decrease how often you eat you will feel less hungry, and this is incredibly empowering.

Fasting has nothing to do with starvation. It’s about giving your body what it needs when it needs it. Just by pushing your first meal a bit later into the day you can optimise virtually every system in the body.

Most importantly this is not a crash diet, but a way of life that can be central to your health and fitness journey.

Where to Start? Your Resources to Transform Your Health and Wellbeing

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is proving to be a simple and effective strategy for avoiding major dietary changes while achieving strong effects not just for one disease risk factor, but for an array of factors that constitutes the foundation for metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and possibly neurodegenerative diseases. Most importantly it is becoming a way of life for so many people.

The Difference Between Intermittent Fasting and Calorie Restriction

The difference between Intermittent Fasting and calorie restriction is often also the difference between success and failure. Knowing this difference could be the difference between yo-yo dieting and a sustainable weight loss and lifestyle change for the better!

Top 3 Fasting Myths

Enough is enough, here are 3 of the biggest and most widely discussed Intermittent Fasting Myths that I come across and everything you need to know the truth surrounding each of them!

Can Women Fast?

This is definitely one of the most common questions that I get asked and there are often a lot of rumors and myths that get thrown around on the subject. But, is intermittent fasting safe for women?

Top 5 IF Mistakes

Intermittent Fasting is quickly getting the global exposure that it deserves as a way of life. Here are 5 fasting mistakes I see people make all too often when they are fasting and how I suggest people overcome them.

Why 2 Meal Day Could Change Your Life

Since I discovered intermittent fasting almost 5 years ago, it has become the most important discovery in my health and fitness journey, not only is it a way of life for me, my sole purpose in life at the moment is to share this way of eating with as many people as possible.

A Way of Life

By skipping one meal, you are getting a 16 hour fast but the focus is on eating when you feel hungry, not because the clock tells you to. This slight change of focus makes a MASSIVE difference. It becomes a way of life rather than something you do in the short term to get you to your weight loss goals.

I follow The 2 Meal Day every day because of how it makes me feel, I am full of energy I never feel hungry and I stay lean effortlessly. I regularly eat out with friends and I love food – there is absolutely no feelings of restriction or deprivation or I simply wouldn’t do it.

In order for any lifestyle change to become consistent over time, it needs to be flexible. This is why The 2 Meal Day is so powerful. It teaches you to listen to your body better which is empowering so you can fit it into your life how you see fit.

Some weekends you may have a family breakfast or social event, some mornings you might wake up tired and hungry – this is OK. On those days, you should eat breakfast and not have any feelings of guilt associated with it.

5 years ago, I would have woken up and eaten breakfast because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”… well not anymore! Now that I understand my body and hunger better if I eat a lot of food (which happens a lot) I naturally feel less hungry the next day, so I often do a longer fast.

Fasting teaches you not to be scared of having an empty stomach, and having an empty stomach promotes some profound positive changes in the body.

I truly believe that IF is the “missing link” in our overall health and well-being. There are so many health benefits and very little negatives, plus, you can incorporate any style of eating and apply the principles, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian etc.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking at losing weight, having more energy, feeling less hungry or you want to optimise your health, IF could make all the difference and it will give you the tools to understand your body better – long term this can lead to profound, long lasting changes.

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