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  1. Phased 4 week training cycles of individualised programming based on your personal goals.
  2. Includes a variety of workout programs, from strength training to metabolic conditioning, active rest sessions, mobility and flexibility tips -  giving you a tailored exercise schedule.
  3. Video consultation at the beginining and end of each training cycle, providing in-depth feedback and advice to maximise training results.
  4. Support through messaging platform to answer any queries, analyse training footage or provide program amendments.
  5. Lifestyle advice to improve sleep quality, syncronise your body clock to boost energy levels and improve your "mind body connection".
£175 Per Month (For maximum results, there is a minimum three month sign up, to put this into perspective, my usual hourly rates for one on one coaching is £90 per hour). This is a truly tailored service and I will be in daily contact with you to help you achieve your goals.