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2 Meal Day - Approved and Validated by Dr. Adam Collins

Dr Adam Collins has outlined the scientifically-proven health and weight loss benefits of following the 2 meal day plan. he believes that 2 meal day is a simple and effective method of intermittent fasting, quoting: “[2 meal day is] a likely easier intermittent fasting approach to take, with many potential benefits. Which, because of the changes in appetite regulation and behaviour, can become a way of life rather than a short-term diet.” You can read all of his expert comments and the scientific findings of 2 meal day and intermittent fasting in the full 2 meal day plan.

See what hundreds of people are saying about Your 2 Meal Day

I first began with changing the food I was putting in my mouth and started doing all the 2 Meal Day workouts. Then hit a plateau, but I remembered an Instagram post that Max did about fasting to help break that. I then began to try and stick to The 2 Meal Day method. I really did see great results with my fasted workouts in particular. Now I eat between 1-8 which is so easy for me! I no longer am counting the hours of when to eat, and I have lost a total of 17kg (38lbs) and 18cm (7”) from my waist.

Roxanna Vela

At first, T2MD was hard because I had to break my routine and it felt strange not waking up and eating something. But after a week or so, my body adapted, and I started to see the benefits. When I get to work, I drink a green tea and a liter or water before 9 am. Now, I am never hungry when I wake up and I can easily go through until 2 pm or 3 pm. I do not get the same energy highs and lows throughout the day. My body shape has also changed significantly due to T2MD. It might be difficult at first but the results come quickly and are impressive.

Max Elliot Taylor