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I truly believe that intermittent fasting is the missing link in our overall health and well being.


Max's Story

My love of sport started at an early age. Unable to choose between rugby, swimming, and athletics; I represented my county in national competitions in all three. I was also the youngest member of a relay team that swam the English Channel in 11 hours at age 14.

I was awarded a sports scholarship to a top British school where I was pushed to the limit and eventually burnt out and ended up leaving early. After, I worked in some of London’s top nightclubs and then ended up working for four years as an Equity Derivatives broker in London.

I had about seven years of partying hard, developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol which caused all kinds of problems.

In my early 20s, I gradually got bored of feeling awful all the time and slowly realised what made me happy. I started to experiment with different methods to improve my health, performance, and attitudes towards life.

I have experienced both ends of the health spectrum, in quite extreme ways which have given me a lot of life experience.

I stumbled across intermittent fasting whilst travelling through South America and realised the power it had to burn fat, boost energy levels and banish hunger pangs. I developed my own method known as “The 2 Meal Day” which is a fundamental part of my bespoke online plans. I use my passion for “real food” to create delicious, simple meals with a focus on nutritional content.

Since then I have trained as competed as a sprinter, ran an ultra marathon, and helped thousands of people achieve their goals, both through my London client base and my 2 Meal Day Community.

I believe that the modern environment is taking us out of sync with our natural rhythms which is affecting our physical and mental health. I teach people how to incorporate methods that reset your body to its natural state, like sleep, movement, intermittent fasting, breathing, and cold-water therapy – all things I have incorporated into my own life.

With my experience in the corporate world, my real passion is helping busy, hard-working women reach and sustain their fat loss goals, boost their energy and transform their health, without restriction or deprivation.

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Interesting Facts

When Max isn’t working, you can find him roaming through Europe on one of his motorbikes, or taking groups of hikers through the French Pyrenees. Want to join him? Check out