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Now, I am never hungry when I wake up and I can easily go through until 2 pm or 3 pm. I do not get the same energy highs and lows throughout the day. My body shape has also changed significantly due to T2MD. It might be difficult at first but the results come quickly and are impressive.

Max Elliot-Taylor

I have completed both 1 and 2 phases now and have found a massive change not just in weight, but in my shape, strength and the little things like skin complexion and healthy nails!

Abigail Bower

Jumping into this way of life has completely jacked up my energy levels, dropped my weight to a place where I don't want to lose anymore and has been the single most powerful intervention I have ever experienced in terms of enhancing my well-being. I feel better than I have in 25 years, I'm doing more activity - not because I feel I need to but because I have energy to burn and need to expend it - and it's all so straightforward and easy, requiring no sacrifice or hunger and fitting easily into a natural way of living. I couldn't recommend this more highly to everyone…

Phillip Lowery

Easiest diet I’ve come across! I’ve made some permanent life changes that I can always stick with. Combined with sensible and varied exercise, I feel healthy and stronger than I did in my 20’s. (Now aged 47).

Julia Peters

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