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What is Your 2 Meal Day?

Intermittent fasting is a scientifically-backed way to lose weight as well as optimise health and performance and Your 2 Meal Day is the simplest and most effective method. This plan will give you the tools to reset your body to its natural state with your own tailored meal plan, hours of workout videos, and a comprehensive guide on succeeding with intermittent fasting. My tried and tested methods have helped transform the health and fitness of thousands of people around the world – now, you too can benefit from my routines, meal plans and lifestyle tips.

What you get In Your 2 Meal Day Plan

Your 2 Meal Day Meal Plan Image

A tailored Intermittent Fasting fat loss meal plan

Over 80 different recipes all designed to be quick, low-cost and seriously tasty. The recipes are designed around your individual energy requirements - both macronutrient and calorific.

Your 2 Meal Day Intermittent Fasting Guide Image

Your Intermittent Fasting Guide

A full guide containing the current science behind Intermittent Fasting, all the known associated health benefits, and top tips on how to make Intermittent Fasting into a sustainable way of life. *Please note: A copy of the 2 Meal Day Book is not included with the plan

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Workout Videos

A combination of Cardio, Strength and, Yoga videos will give you the tools to train efficiently and safely, in the comfort of your own home.

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Unlimited Email Support

My support team will be there to answer any questions you may have, you are not alone!

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How does it work?

The Plan is split into two clear phases:


Phase 1


Reset your body to burn fat. You are about to be gently guided into the world of intermittent fasting plus begin working out with my full length, follow-along strength and cardio workout videos.

Step by Step


Once purchased, you will need to fill in a short questionnaire. My support team will use the information you supply in this questionnaire to tailor your meal plan to your macronutrient and calorific needs. You can then expect to receive your tailored meal plan within three working days.

Start your workouts!

Once your questionnaire has been completed, you gain instant access to the full-length workout videos.


Your tailored 2 Meal Day meal plan will contain 40 Phase 1 recipes and all the information you need to begin.


After 30 days on Phase 1, submit your results, measure your progress, and get excited to start Phase 2!


Phase 2


Reshape your health, fitness, and physique with strength training and new fasting protocols to make Your 2 Meal Day become a sustainable lifestyle change for the future.

Step by Step

New workouts!

Once your results from Phase 1 have been submitted you can get started with your new strength workouts.


My team will use the findings from your Phase 1 results to create your meal plan for Phase 2. Please Allow three working days.


After 30 days of Phase 2, submit your results and review your progress.


Once completed, you will get detailed results of your progress and tips on how to continue leading the 2 Meal Day lifestyle.

Classic 2 meal day plan


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Veggie 2 meal day plan


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Vegan 2 meal day plan


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See what hundreds of people are saying about Your 2 Meal Day

Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image

Now, I am never hungry when I wake up and I can easily go through until 2 pm or 3 pm. I do not get the same energy highs and lows throughout the day. My body shape has also changed significantly due to T2MD. It might be difficult at first but the results come quickly and are impressive.

Max Elliot-Taylor
Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image

I have completed both 1 and 2 phases now and have found a massive change not just in weight, but in my shape, strength and the little things like skin complexion and healthy nails!

Abigail Bower
Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image

I’ve been following Your 2 Meal Day for over 2 months now and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done regarding diets and exercise!

Sam Gibbons
Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image Your 2 Meal Day unlimited support image

Easiest diet I’ve come across! I’ve made some permanent life changes that I can always stick with. Combined with sensible and varied exercise, I feel healthy and stronger than I did in my 20’s. (Now aged 47).

Julia Peters
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