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  • Why busy women who want to fit better into their clothes should avoid hard exercise!
  • The surprising reason why discipline and willpower lead to short-term results and weight rebound
  • The hidden thoughts and beliefs that lead to self-sabotage
  • How to eat ANY food, enjoy meals out with friends AND lose weight

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this plan work?

Once purchased, you will need to fill in a questionnaire so your plan can be tailored to your needs. After completing this, you will then receive your tailored 2 Meal Day meal plan within 3 working days. Each plan has a set of video-based tutorials, which you will get access to straight away so you can start your workouts in your own time! It’s 100% online, so you can watch the videos on Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android, and TVs: any device with an internet connection!

What do I get for my money?

You get a 2-phased tailored weight loss plan specific to your macro nutrient and calorie needs. Each plan contains over 40 different quick and easy recipes for you to cook at home - 80 in total. You also get a shopping list, and lifestyle tips with advice on sleep and alcohol. Plus, you get exclusive access to the member’s section with all the workout videos, and you can ask me questions directly there.

How many times will I be charged?

If you pay up front then you will only be charged once. This will give you unlimited access to your 2 Meal Day plan for life.

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access to the plan! In other words, it never expires. Months, even years from now you can re-use the plan without paying again.

I am not from UK can I buy your plans?

Yes, I accept payment from anywhere in the world using the payment system Stripe. You don’t have to have an account with Stripe, you can use credit or debit card.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is the cornerstone of the whole 2 Meal Day plan! Head over to the Intermittent Fasting Research Page or My Blog to find out everything you need to know abut intermittent fasting.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?

There is now a Your Vegetarian 2 Meal Day plan that has been created for non-meat-eaters. This features over 80 vegetarian recipes plus full access to my mobility sequences and workout routines. The plan is the same price and the standard Your 2 Meal Day plan, £49 and can be purchased by selecting the Vegetarian product before reaching the checkout.

Do I have to send pictures of myself on the questionnaire?

The photos are used to analyse your body composition while making the plans and they are also essential in tracking progress. You do not need to include your face and you can wear sports clothes that you feel comfortable in that give a good indication of your body shape. We promise that any pictures you send through will never be shared without your express permission and will remain completely confidential. I understand that it can be quite nerve-wracking sending in photos but we do ask everyone on the plan to send us these pictures. We want to make sure that we make the plan as accurate as possible and there is some information that we cannot get from the measurements alone.

Can I submit my questionnaire/results later? I don’t have time to start it yet.

Absolutely, just ignore the notification emails you will receive reminding you to fill it in. There is no time limit on the program so you can start, stop and continue it as you see fit.

When will I receive my plan?

You will receive your plan within 3 working days of fully completing your questionnaire. CHRISTMAS WORKING HOURS: Please note that 2 Meal Day is closed from Friday 21 December until Monday 7 January. All enquiries and plan creation will be completed upon our return.

Why do some recipes have no ingredient weights specified?

When there are no weights specified on the ingredients, this means that you should have as much as you need until you feel full. The key point to remember is that this is not a calorie restrictive diet, it is about restricting meal frequency. And when you do eat, you should eat until you are full. The ingredients without quantities should be adapted to your hunger on that day

I said that I don’t eat fish/chicken/cheese etc in my questionnaire but my plan includes these things, why?

The 2 Meal Day meal plan is tailored to everyone’s macro and calorific needs, not their individual dietary requirements/restrictions. The reason that we provide so many recipes in the plan is so that there is enough variety in the meal plan that you can choose the meals that you want. Because all of the meals are calculated to your own energy requirements, this means that all the recipes in the plan are completely interchangeable so you can simply leave out any recipes that you don’t like or can’t eat.

Do I have to follow the meal planner exactly, can I have breakfast for dinner?

All the recipes are interchangeable, the 7-day meal planner provided is simply an example of how you should be setting up your day meal wise. Where there is an option to have a meal, you can use ANY meal recipe and where there is an option for a snack you can use ANY snack recipe.

Can I have my morning coffee and milk when fasting if I only use a tiny bit of milk?

It depends on what your main reason for fasting is. If it is for weight loss, a little bit of milk is not going to have a negative effect on your fasting. However, if you are fasting for the health benefits, the ONLY drinks you can have are black tea, herbal teas, black coffee and water. Any other drinks will break your fast.

Can I eat out or drink alcohol during the plan?

Ideally you should follow the meal plan to get the best results. You obviously bought this plan because you want to make a change and this will include some changes in your lifestyle. It is not an issue if this is once a week but you cannot out-train a bad diet, so more HIIT does not compensate.
My advice is to stick to the plan 90% of the time then allow yourself 10% leeway. Don’t feel guilty about this 10% leeway and don’t try to make up for it in extreme ways.

I am using the example breakfast slipper meal plan and have noticed that the skip a dinner meal plan has different food suggestions. Can I use the dinners, breakfast and snacks of that menu to mix it up a bit?

Yes of course you can! The example plans are just that… examples, designed to give you some ideas and a rough structure. But you have over 80 different recipes in the plan and they are all tailored to your macro and calorific needs so you can mix them up as much as you’d like!

Can I use the recipes from your book as well as the ones from the meal plan?

For the best results, you want to be using only the recipes within each meal plan, this is because all the ingredients are weighted based on your own specific individual calorific and macro needs. When you’ve completed the plan and you’re a fasting pro you can use the recipes from the book!

Can I start fasting straight away?

Yes, the plan is the gentlest way to ease people into fasting, but if you feel comfortable with it feel free to start yourself. Just be aware the first few days may be tough. If you experience any negative side effects then its best to switch back to the plans method of introducing you to fasting and move at a slower pace. The important thing is to listen to your body.

What gap do I ideally need to leave between say dinner and lunch then next day?

You should be aiming to have a 16 hour fast in between meals.

Can I have 0 calorie drinks (eg. Coke zero) whilst fasting?

No you can’t, whilst the drinks may be 0 calorie, they usually contain sweeteners which will break your fast.