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Getting Strong, Fit And In Shape For The Summer Starts Now


If you are wanting to get strong, fit and in shape for summer, NOW is the time to start. Don't wait until the last minute and resort to extreme, restrictive diets and fitness.

Get Strong, Fit And In Shape For The Summer Starts Now

Many of you may have had new year’s resolutions to get in shape, maybe they didn’t last – don’t worry, you do not need to wait until next January to start again.

Don’t make the same mistake you made last year – don’t leave it till the last minute and do something extreme in order to get the result you want. You can do untold damage on your body and create a negative association with fitness and eating well.

Unfortunately, there are no short-term, quick fixes when it comes to fitness and health. There are many programs that are sold for these purposes but although they might seem hugely appealing, it is rarely that straight forward, and these programmes very seldom deliver what they promise. These approaches are extremely demanding, are absolutely miserable to go through, and are almost never sustainable. It’s also worth mentioning that for some of us, these programmes often instil, or perpetuate, an unhealthy and negative relationship with both food and exercise.

The rule of thumb is that the more extreme the exercise and nutritional approach, the greater the likelihood that we will gravitate back to where we started in a matter of a weeks, hence the inevitable post-summer influx. Many of us go through fits and starts with nutrition and exercise, and we adopt an all-or-nothing approach. The problem is that this does not work. In order to keep things on an even keel and avoid these fitness and nutrition extremes, you need to find a way of exercising and eating that you can sustain, and something that will keep you in shape all year round.

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So, what is the answer? Here are my 5 top tips for achieving the results you want

Eat Real Food!Real food is a simple concept; essentially, it’s what nature has given us: plants, fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, milk and its by-products such as cheese and yogurt. Real food is kept as close to its natural state as possible. It comes from animals that have led healthy, happy lives and that haven’t been pumped full of hormones, steroids and antibiotics which are all transferred into the food chain. It should be minimally processed, not man-made and it certainly shouldn’t have a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Put simply, if we weren’t eating it 200 years ago, it probably doesn’t qualify as real food.


Cook From Scratch – there is no better way to take control of your health than learning to cook from scratch. It means you will be eating fresh ingredients and you are in complete control of what goes into it. There will be no hidden added sugars or salt that you are unaware of. Not only that you will rebalance your hunger hormones, stabilise energy levels and nourish the body the way that it needs to.


Try The 2 Meal Day – Fasting can improve energy levels, cognition, and body composition. The 2-Meal Day is a very simple way of keeping your diet in check without the need for counting calories or tracking macronutrients. All you need to do is push your first meal later in the day and reap the rewards!


Incorporate three good training sessions per week – Obviously looking fit and healthy is great, it can help boost your confidence and overcome insecurities. However, lots of the common problems people encounter with exercise – such as imbalances, injuries, a lack of mobility and motivation – are often a result of making aesthetics their only goal. Putting how you look rather than how you feel at the core your training programme can be counter-productive, especially if injury breaks your routine and leads to extended periods of inactivity. Change your focus: if you want to make your training sustainable it has to be about more than escaping a negative body image, you need to be training for positive reasons. Celebrate what your body can do, strength and mobility are gifts that don’t last forever. Building good training habits to make the most of what you have now and maintain your body’s condition into the future.


Make it a way of life – Fundamentally, if you want to be fit, healthy and in shape long term you need to make the previous 4 steps a way of life. In order to make something a way of life, you need to enjoy the process. By following these tips, you are going to nourish your body properly, reset your body to burn fat normalise your hunger hormones and start getting stronger, faster and fitter. You will notice a difference in how you feel, and you will start to feel so good, that you will want to continue experiencing that feeling well into the future – this is the key to long-lasting success!


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